Bath Accessories

Towels & Matching Rugs & Bath Mats

We have available for you the finest and most POPULAR in Bath Sheets, Bath, Hand, Wash and Fingertip towels.

Cozy, absorbent, high quality Rugs and Bath Mats.
Among our selection is: Home Source featuring Microcotton, Abyss, Anali, Christy, Habidecor rugs and many, many more. A wide assortment of colors and a variety of styles are available to choose from.


Allergies? Special skin care?

Super Yacht will CREATE Customized Accessory Baskets.

Custom TOWEL BASKETS for your needs.
On Deck, By the Jacuzzi, Day Head, Guest Heads… Wherever!


We also provide a selection of the highest quality in cozy, luxurious robes. All complete with personalized monogramming and logo’s. Peacock Alley, for example, is a favourite! Heavenly!